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Leadership Coaching

Whether it is one on one coaching or as part of a group, Nikki is a sought after coach in a wide variety of industries and countries around the world. As a certified Executive Leadership Coach, all coaching is confidential and allows the leaders to grow themselves in order to grow their own business and teams.


CEO Coaching

Discover the power of evidence-backed coaching with Nikki. As your trusted coach and confidant, Nikki employs a variety of effective tools to ensure measurable progress over a 12-month period to elevate your CEO journey with results-driven support.


C Suite Coaching

As your dedicated Leadership Coach, Nikki uses a variety of effective tools to support you to be a vital part of your executive team, as well as create, and lead a high-performing team that achieves outstanding results. From building trust to resolving collaboration challenges, through coaching, you'll gain the skills needed to bring out the best in yourself and your team. 


Leader Coaching

Embark on a leadership evolution with Nikki as your trusted Leadership Coach. Nikki's goal is to empower you to become a dynamic leader capable of guiding and inspiring your team to success. Whether it's honing your leadership style, fostering effective communication, or tackling challenges head-on, she's here to provide dedicated support. Through your coaching journey, you'll acquire the skills to bring out the best in yourself and those you lead. 


New or Emerging Leader Coaching

Step into leadership with confidence and competence! As your Leadership Coach, Nikki is here to guide new and emerging leaders on a transformative journey. Together, you'll cultivate the skills needed to lead with authenticity, navigate challenges, and foster a thriving team. From building a solid foundation to honing effective communication, Nikki is committed to supporting you every step of the way. 


One on One Coaching

Experience the transformative power of one-on-one leadership coaching! As your dedicated coach, Nikki's focus is on guiding you through a personalised journey that hones your leadership skills and amplifies your impact. In your private sessions, you address specific challenges, delve into strategies, and work on enhancing your leadership style. This individualized approach ensures focused attention on your unique needs, providing a supportive space for growth and development. With one-on-one coaching, unlock the full potential of your leadership and witness the profound positive changes it can bring to both you and your team.


Group Coaching

Dive into the collective strength of group coaching and witness the dynamic transformation of leadership skills.  Joining a cohort of like-minded individuals, you'll experience the power of collaborative growth and shared insights. As your group coaching facilitator, Nikki creates a supportive environment where each participant contributes and benefits from the collective wisdom. Together, you'll tackle challenges, foster team dynamics, and elevate everyone's leadership capabilities. Group coaching provides a unique opportunity for peer learning, fostering a sense of community amongst leaders, and accelerating leadership development. 

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