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What the clients say....

Making a difference

Helena, Executive Manager, Not for Profit

Nikki expertly guides you to acknowledge your strengths and identify the type of leader you want to be. Her fluid approach to coaching gave me a safe space to ask for advice. Nikki expertly reframed my concerns to my strengths, giving me the confidence to find resolutions formed around my personal values.


Nikki’s team building exercise with our team provided us a chance to connect as a remote team and the tools have been consistently used by the team to ensure we better understand and can support one another through times of stress or high demands. As senior management, these tools have been invaluable to me when broaching difficult conversations and guiding me through change management for my team.

Ana H, Transformation Project Manager, Education

"Nikki has been instrumental in helping me get to the next level in my career. She challenged me to think outside the box to help me get the clarity I needed to really step up as a leader and push through what was holding me back. I would highly recommend Nikki as a coach for anyone in a leadership or executive position."

Nicola, General Manager, Medical

I recommend Nikki highly. She has a tremendous capacity and insight for facilitating growth in leaders, especially in situations where getting to the heart of the matter is required. Her skills are enhanced by her compassion and empathy for those she works with. Work with Nikki and you will not be disappointed.

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